Learning Javascript the Right Way

May 6th, 2008


Marijn Haverbeke is the coder behind CodeMirror, the best in-browser code editor available on the web (I have considered MarkitUp, Helene, EditArea, and used others such as Heroku’s in-browser editor). As an exemplar of the open source spirit, it is widely available to use as you please (e.g. BSD, not GPL). 

I just stumbled upon his Elequent Javascript Tutorial, which is by far the best javascript coding tutorial I have come across (and I have searched far and wide!). In my mind it is the Javascript equivalent of Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby

His tutorial is not only highly interactive, with examples that run right in your browser as you read, but also teaches excellent coding practices.

Anyone looking to learn how to program, or specifically are looking to learn javascript, should read this. Thank you Marijn!


Most source developers I know code because they are good at it, enjoy it, and feel they do something worthwhile with it. There is a definite reward.

It takes a completely different mentality to use your time (which is precious indeed at the level of design skill we see in Marijn’s work) and put in a significant effort into having others learn what you know.

7 Responses to “Learning Javascript the Right Way”

  1. Peteris Krumins Says:

    My way of learning is by watching video lectures.

    I posted a blog post “Learning JavaScript through Video Lectures“, where I covered 15 or so video lectures on JavaScript.

    What do you think about this method?

  2. Marcus Westin Says:

    I spent last summer going through Yahoo dev center’s library of video, which is when I understood the value of community leaders like Crockford.

    It seems like a good way to get conceptual points and grok good practices, and as such are valuably distinct from reading.

    in my mind, Marijn hits a sweet spot in between the two.

    Thanks btw for the thorough summary! Quite a post :P

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