FormLess - style agnostic and auto-validating forms

January 1st, 2009

Creating HTML forms can be a drag. Validating the form input is even worse. I wrote up a javascript utility to demonstrate how easy and enjoyable it could (should) be to create forms. Check out the demo. You create a form with:

new FormLess('form-container-element-id', items);

where items is an array of objects. Each item requires at least a name and a type, but could also take an array of options or a validation function that gets called to validate the value of that item.

items = [{
  name : 'Gender',
  type : 'select',
  options : ['None of your business', 'Male', 'Female'],
  validate : function(data) {
    return data && data != 'None of your business'

Each time an item’s value changes, the validation function gets called for that item. If a validation function returns false, the item gets marked as invalid. Valid and invalid items can be styled however you please:

.valid {
  background-color : green;

.invalid {
  background-color : red;

When the form is submitted, each item gets has its validation function called. If all validation functions pass, the submit function gets called along with a key-value object containing the items names and values. This tool has not been tested across browsers - it’s mostly a demonstration of how easy it should be to gather and handle user-entered data. Check out the demo Screenshot of FormLess demo application

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