Ajaxlights: Genetic alg with JS, CSS spriting (incl IE6+PNG), Distributed computing with JS & Open source AIR

December 27th, 2008

Genetic algorithms allow for the best performing solutions to stand out. SnapAds uses genetic algorithms to improve performance of ads. Greg Dingle hosts an open source JS library for evolution of UIs, genetify over at github (definitely check out the genetify demo).

CSS spriting allows for you to download all your images with a single HTTP request. Jennifer Semtner has a great writeup for a cross-browser, PNG compatible spriting solution.

Distributed computing is hot. Enter stage: JS. While browsing the web, you can donate spare CPU cycles to computing projects. Joose has built a JS implementation for distributed computing using app engine and gears. Like SETI screensavers but waaaay cooler.

The appcelerator team has built an open source AIR-style web-to-desktop app builder called Titanium!

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