Ajaxlights: TCP, bindings, jQ file tree, on-demand js

July 3rd, 2008

“TCP sockets” in the browser:

  1. var conn = new TCPSocket(hostname, port)

  2. conn.onopen = function() { alert(‘connection opened!’) }
  3. conn.onread = function(data) { alert(‘RECEIVE: ‘ + data) }
  4. conn.onclose = function(data) { alert(‘connection closed!’) }

  5. conn.send(‘Hello World’);

If you like Cocoa bindings, keep an eye out for the opening of http://objective-j.org/. Check out the demo app, 280 Slides.

jQuery UI is looking more and more promising. A recent file tree component looks great.

Resource/packet management is still a bit of a drag in javascript. Here are two great candidates: module.js and ensure. Alex Russel used similar techniques to push initial dojo load size down to 6k!

Javascript is on the verge of being typed. Ecmascript 4 can now be converted into 1.2 javascript with Mascara. On a related note, here’s a nice writeup/example on the potential usefulness of typed js.

Oh, and on an unrelated note: if you haven’t checked it out yet, go get jott.com. I now twitter only by talking :P

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