Got myself some Wheels - Meet my 250 Comet

June 25th, 2008

I woke up this morning with a DMV appointment at 10:30. I have to admit it - while I passed the MC exam straight off I failed the regular drivers license test two times before I hit it on the third and last chance.

After a celebratory Jamba Juice, I’ve got the MC fever and ask Lauren if we can’t go to check out some bikes. You know, just for kicks. So we end up at a bunch of Harley Davidson type of places, with big choppers and lots of chrome. Not my scene. After a quick visit with a fat dealer in an Oakland motor vehicles dealership who greated my suggestion of a Kawasaki 250 with “Bigger is Better son! You wouldn’t want your dad to see you on that now, wouldya?” Wrong audience big guy.

So we head to the city where I’d earlier found this great bike shop without anyone trying to sell you something you didn’t ask for in the first place. I go over all my reasoning, double check prices and options, and make the big leap. And there it is - my bike

And a video teaser (though you know I won’t be doing this)

Info page from the maker, Hyosung:

I left the bike in their hands while I take the safety course. However, I will need my own helmet and gloves either way so I got myself a few souvernies to play with in the meantime.

Lauren also got herself a pair of gloves, as she took the test with me and will also be taking the safety course to get her license in the weeks coming up.

An eventful day to say the least!

4 Responses to “Got myself some Wheels - Meet my 250 Comet”

  1. Ludde Says:

    Häftigt! Den är full av mer fart än min moppe. Men också farligare, så kör försiktigt!

    Återigen - tack för några häftiga dagar i Chicago. Ella pratar redan om att komma och hälsa på dig i San Fransisco.



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