My talk at Google

May 22nd, 2008

That’s right - I got to give a lightning talk at the downtown Chicago offices tonight! 

My flash talk on gRavix at Google offices downtown Chicago

It was a flash 9 minute talk on my Google Summer of Code project gRavix with the Globus Alliance.

Thanks a bunch to Borja, Karl and Cord for organizing the event, as well as (of course) google.

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  1. GSoC Lightening Talk at Google Chicago! | - blog Says:

    […] in the US) gave lightening talks on our projects, which included me. The other GSoC students were Marcus Westin, Jordon Lewis, and Nick Edds. I put up my talk, as well as a more general page for my project on my […]

  2. Ludde Says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Will your speek be broadcasted on the net? I’d like to see the presentation.



  3. narcvs Says:

    Hej Ludde!

    No, it wasn’t recorded - however, it was very brief and to the point, so I can definitely recap when you come visit. I can’t wait!

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