Google’s Treasure Hunt Hint Hint

May 18th, 2008

Google is hosting another great treasurehunt at A good friend (and awesome upcoming coder) Lauren and I are working at the library together and we just had a go at it. It turns out there’s a beautiful connection between the answer for any given n*m grid and Pascal’s triangle. Keep your eyes open for those numbers!

Kudos to Lauren for spotting the connection: “Wait isn’t this those, whaddumacallit, triangle numbers?”

                         1       2
                     1       4       4
                 1       6       12      8
             1       8       24      32      16
         1       10      40      80      80       32
     1       12      60      160     240     192       64
 1       14      84      280     560     672      448       128

Update: After a few premature victory celebrations, we finally got the answer in the form of a short Ruby script. With the following methods…

class Fixnum
  def factorial
    if self <= 0
      return 1
      return self * (self-1).factorial

  def choose n

The solution is a simple one-liner.

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