Unobtrusive Javascrips with jQuery - Loading Spinner

May 12th, 2008

This is the first in an intended series of small snippets of unobtrusive javascript patterns.


How to effortlessly and unobtrusively have a loading spinner appear on each ajax call with jQuery.
Ajax loading spinner


There are a number of reasons why, and they fall in a number of different categories

  • UI - You should always keep your user aware of what’s going on. In this case that something is loading.
  • Development - unobtrusive code degrades well by definition, and the effortless part explains itself.
How? Using jQuery
// Create closure
	// Create img dom element and insert it into our document
	var loading = $('<img alt="loading" src="/images/loading.gif" />')
	// Make the image appear during ajax calls

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  2. bamboolabcode Says:

    Very interesting list. It’s a great addon to what I’m already doing. Thanks.

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