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Ajaxlights: selenium, meer meer, microformats, lunascape & keybordr

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Selenium allows for automated testing of web applications. Crucial to fight regression.

As a potential alternative to selenium, check out ajaxian’s post on upcoming meer meer.

Microformats complements RSS feeds in that rather than seperating form from content, it adds semantics to content. Tantek Celik has written a series of high quality posts to get you started with microformats.

The Lunascape browser from Japan bundles the engines behind Firefox, Safari and IE in a single browser.

Keybordr, a innovative search UI. web UX at its best. Kudos to Julius, Udschal and Vugar.

If you like money, check out Anu Shukla’s post on virtual currency at “Inside Facebook” for great tidbits of insight.