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Twitter search adds expansion of tinied URLs

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Since Twitter enforces a 140 character limit, long URLs are often shortened using any of many “tiny url providers” (TinyURL,, shorl…)

The problem with the tiny url’s is that you can’t see where they lead from looking at the address. A number of services have emerged to solve this problem, such as untiny and the Ubiquity command.

However, these are solutions are really just workarounds to a central of Twitter’s - and Twitter is stepping up to address it!

I just noticed that in Twitter search, they append an “expand link” right after tiny url’s. I would expect them to either add this option around their site, or optionally auto-expand tiny urls for you.


After clicking the expand link:

Nice work Twitter!

Apple TV + Airport Express = Home entertainment <3

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Dear Apple,

I just set up my very own distributed entertainment system for my roommates and myself under $500. I know you already know all about it, but please indulge me and let me tell you about it for a minute.

Airport Express

Using an airport express, any of the 5 computers in the house streams music to the stereo in the living room. The sound is great, and the lack of wires is simply invigorating.

The Apple TV in the den allows for any computer to stream video to our mega-TV and four-foot tall speakers (courtesy of our awesome landlord). I’m right now watching Bill Maher with my roomie Jugal, which he downloaded just a while before. It’s streaming right now to the TV - and at much better quality than our cable.

Apple TV

Tomorrow morning I will wake up and turn on my morning news podcasts. Walking into my bathroom to take a shower, the news will come with me, streamed from my bedroom into my bathroom.

Walking up the stairs through the den to our kitchen, as the news being read from the speakers in my room fade out from behind me, the den speakers will pick it up - it will be a delightful moment of news-in-stereo mid-staircase.

The one part of the news I don’t listen to is the weather - rather, checking it out from the balcony with the real news coming with me.

All this, Apple - this took me 20 minutes to set up. 20 minutes.

Thank You Apple.

Ajaxlights: selenium, meer meer, microformats, lunascape & keybordr

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Selenium allows for automated testing of web applications. Crucial to fight regression.

As a potential alternative to selenium, check out ajaxian’s post on upcoming meer meer.

Microformats complements RSS feeds in that rather than seperating form from content, it adds semantics to content. Tantek Celik has written a series of high quality posts to get you started with microformats.

The Lunascape browser from Japan bundles the engines behind Firefox, Safari and IE in a single browser.

Keybordr, a innovative search UI. web UX at its best. Kudos to Julius, Udschal and Vugar.

If you like money, check out Anu Shukla’s post on virtual currency at “Inside Facebook” for great tidbits of insight.

How many answers are there to a yes/no question?

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008


How many answers are there to a yes/no question?

Along with an additional option, in case you just happen to know that you’ll be answering the exact same thing forever (which, assuming a uniform distribution of probability, will happen with a likelihood of 1 in about 90 billion…)

Thanks Signal vs Noise for the entertainment (not their design, only their picture).