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Twitter search adds expansion of tinied URLs

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Since Twitter enforces a 140 character limit, long URLs are often shortened using any of many “tiny url providers” (TinyURL,, shorl…)

The problem with the tiny url’s is that you can’t see where they lead from looking at the address. A number of services have emerged to solve this problem, such asĀ untiny and the Ubiquity command.

However, these are solutions are really just workarounds to a central of Twitter’s - and Twitter is stepping up to address it!

I just noticed that in Twitter search, they append an “expand link” right after tiny url’s. I would expect them to either add this option around their site, or optionally auto-expand tiny urls for you.


After clicking the expand link:

Nice work Twitter!

Facebook Stalker List Mystery - My Guess

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

My guess on what’s behind the mystery Facebook Stalker list that shows up when you hit “.” (period) in the friend search box. (see

The search box detects key strokes in order to give you a list of friends you might be looking for. There are two ingredients that goes into making that list:

  1. The letters you’ve typed
  2. A facebook preference algorithm that determines who you’re most likely to be looking for

The search box responds not only to periods, but also hyphens and quotes (-, and ). When you type one of these characters, the search box tries to determine who you are looking for, but has only the second ingredient to go on. Thus it simply picks a selection of 5 people that you are highly connected with, by whatever metrics Facebook use to determine connectedness.